Eligibility: Anyone can participate - individuals, teams and organizations. There are no limits on team size, but we recommend 3-5 people. 


  • Must be focused on athletics from any perspective you'd like.
  • That's it! You can use any technology you wish. You can tackle any problem you wish. Your build anything you wish - software, hardware, a product, a service... 

Rights & Display: You keep any and all intellectual property you bring or build for this challenge, but you agree to give the host organizations the right of first refusal to enter into a contract with you to continue building the solution and/or run a test pilot. We also ask that winners allow us to use their names in marketing and press about the event.

Prizes & Winner Selection: Winners will be picked by a panel of judges and prize bundles will be awarded at their discretion. 

Resources: We will have some basic supplies at the event including paper, post-it notes, and a 3D printer. Participants are expected to bring their own computers, software, development environments and any specific supplies they may need.

New vs. Existing: Both brand new and existing projects are eligible.

Multiple Submissions: Contestants can submit more than one project.

Code of Conduct: We promise to create a safe environment for you. We address every code of conduct violation regardless of severity (severity, after all, is subjective) and we do so in a respectful way to all parties using a transparent process. Please read our Code of Conduct here: hackcodeofconduct.org

Prizes: Prizes are subject to change at any time.